Gove Operations Transmission Line Replacement

Gateway Energy

Project: Gove Operations Transmission Line Replacement

Owner: Rio Tinto

Project Location: Gove Peninsula, Northern Territory (NT), Australia (east of Darwin)

Design Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Background: Gateway Energy won a project to supply approximately 70 high strength in-ground poles for a line replacement project at this Rio Tinto’s remote Northern Territory Gove Bauxite Mine and Alumina Refinery.  Gateway Energy was also engaged to design and supply an overhead to underground 22kV transmission line approximately 500m long. We successfully worked with the design subcontractor to develop the most cost-effective solution for Rio Tinto.

Detail: Gateway Energy designed and developed a number of high strength 22kV pole models and options for Rio Tinto.  We designed, fabricated and supplied the poles for the original line replacement project as well as additional poles for an overhead road crossing and underground cable route.

Benefits: Our high quality Australian pole designs enabled seamless construction and being located locally, we were able to provide excellent customer support and be a reliable “one stop shop” for additional issue solutions.

Other Locations: Gateway Energy also supplies similar projects in Fiji, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Samoa and other Pacific Islands.