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Well Gateway Energy’s steel transmission poles might be dull but they are certainly not boring!

Ordinary steel poles can be shiny, sometimes too shiny! especially when located next to major roadways or if a development has been approved based on non-shiny poles.

Concrete poles have been the pole of choice in these situations, until now.  After many years of research, trial and plenty of error, we have finally cracked the secret to achieving the perfect dull galvanised power pole finish.

Our specialised post-galvanisation process known as dulling, dull-galvanised or de-glaring is opening exciting opportunities for Gateway Energy clients to realise the many benefits of steel poles over concrete without having to worry about their shine.

Our solution successfully achieved many stringent goals. It had to:

  1. Be Environmentally Friendly – we tried chemical dulling, phosphatising and fine-grit blasting and these were definitely not in line with our high environmental standards
  2. Maintain Galvanisation Thickness – very important as the galvanisation layer is the primary defence against corrosion. The dulled finish had to meet the original galvanisation specification for minimum thickness and average coating density
  3. Not be cost prohibitive
  4. Provide a consistent high-quality finish,
  5. Be Repeatable, and preferably automated
  6. Be Durable with the same environmental resistance to corrosion as a freshly galvanised and passivated pole. The passivation layer is key.

This revolutionary solution took us many years and significant cost to develop and we are happy to share that our new steel pole dulling production line can produce over 20 poles per day.

De-glared steel poles are also growing in popularity amongst Australia’s utility and mining companies and engineering contractors. A recent Gateway Energy project involved the design and supply of 580 steel transmission poles chosen ahead of concrete poles and achieving all of the goals listed above.

Contact Gateway Energy today at sales@gatewayenergy.com.au and ask us about the benefits of dulling.

Who is Gateway Energy?

Gateway Energy is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of steel power transmission and distribution poles in Australia and the South Pacific region. We specialise in steel power poles and powerline package solutions covering all major components and are supported by one of the world’s largest companies, State Grid. We’ve been around for a long time and combine proven experience that you can rely on, innovative local Australian design with high quality. Our valued customers come back again and again because of our superior service and ability to reduce overall project costs.

We have successfully supplied poles of all types, sizes and strengths to some of Australia’s largest transmission pole projects, regularly achieving significant savings for our customers.

Make your project a success by becoming one of Gateway Energy’s valued customers. Contact us on sales@gatewayenergy.com.au

What Products and Services do Gateway Energy provide?

Design, manufacture and supply of: Steel Power Transmission Poles, Steel Power Distribution Poles, Base Plate Poles, In-Ground Poles, Power Poles, Conductor, Powerline Materials Packages, Lattice Towers, Communication Poles, Communication Masts

Which locations do Gateway Energy operate?

Gateway Energy operates in all states of Australia; Queensland (QLD) including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville to Mt Isa, New South Wales (NSW) including Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong, Victoria (VIC) including Melbourne, Tasmania (TAS) including Hobart and Launceston and Western Australia (WA) including Perth, Karratha and Port Hedland. We also operate in Northern Territory (NT) including Darwin and Canberra (ACT).

Gateway Energy also operates internationally; having an office in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Port Moresby and Lae. New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and other Pacific Islands power transmission line requirements such as Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Solomon Islands.