Gateway Energy

Gateway Energy’s poles, masts and towers are all fully designed in Australia and are customized for each project. Our professional Design Engineers are all Australian qualified. Poles designed by Gateway Energy comply fully with Australian Standards and are structurally certified.

Our approach is to use our superior design capability and experience to also offer best-for-project options. With these options, we focus on achieving lower total project costs taking account of other significant cost factors such as foundations, construction and supply chain. Our designs are regularly selected by our customers as the preferred option, saving significantly over suppliers who rely only on standard and overseas designs.

We can supply project-specific and optimized PLS-POLE designs for import into the PLS-CADD line design model for structure checking.

​Gateway Energy also offers our customers a confidential Standard Technical Pole Library which can be used as a starting point or for simpler lines and imported into PLS-CADD for line design solutions. Please contact Gateway Energy to request a copy of our confidential library at